May 09

Designing Your Room Around A Cowhide Rug

When you accumulate furniture over the years, it can be difficult to create a cohesive design for your interior. With a cowhide rug, it’s easy to establish a stunning atmosphere for your home and create a memorable design almost instantly. Ultimately, cowhide is the key to a stylish home that looks unique and put-together. Here are some quick tips for designing your room around a cowhide rug.

Earth Tones

Cowhide rugs are naturally beautiful and come in a wide variety of shades. Whether you’d like a room with a pale tan rug or something with deep browns, you have plenty of options for your decor choices. With a cowhide rug, you’ll tend to see earthy tones and natural colors, making it perfect for a design with rich browns and pleasant birch furniture.

When you purchase furniture and accessories, it helps to keep a cohesive color palette based around your rug. Consider purchasing your rug first before accumulating furniture and using its natural patterns and colors as inspiration for your design choices. Ultimately, your rug is sure to provide a solid foundation of design inspiration and natural beauty.

Open Space

One of the best recommendations for any home is to include a large amount of open space. It’s easy to feel posh and composed when you don’t cram your home with unnecessary objects. That’s where your cowhide comes in. With a solid, eye-catching rug that covers the floor, you already have everything you need for a room that looks and feels great. You can easily combine your rug with a few solid pieces of furniture for an unimaginably stylish room that evokes minimalistic flair.

No matter where you live, it’s possible to take full advantage of everything cowhide has to offer. Whether you’re located in an urban apartment or a rustic farmhouse, cowhide rugs are incredibly durable. With long-lasting resistance to everyday wear and tear, you’ll have no problem keeping your investment valuable and clean. This material makes it possible to establish a stylish open space in your home that stands the test of time.


The best part about cowhide rugs is that you can combine them with just about any style to create an attractive space. From regal white rugs with crystal chandeliers to cozy and rustic wood paired with worn cowhide, it’s not hard to compose something that looks great.

If you already have a room that works for you, odds are that cowhide will only improve it. For those who aren’t sure how to incorporate this versatile, naturally beautiful material, consider bringing in one or two accessories that share the color of your chosen rug. When you bring in these items, your room is sure to stand out in style no matter your design preferences.

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